Artist's Statement

Influenced by a Roman Catholic upbringing, punk rock, Erté and Edward Gorey, Hollywood native Elizabeth McGrath is one of her generation's more unique and prolific artists. She creates in a number of mediums and materials with undeniable artistry and imagination. Her paintings are haunted whispers of color, depicting subtly dangerous creatures that creep toward the edge of the canvas. Her stitched and bandaged dolls and toys are a united army of soft strangeness, and her mixed media dioramas are isolated freak shows displaying rotting, subhuman figures luxuriously dressed for your pleasure or contempt.

Text courtesy of Sloan Fine Art

Artist's Bio

Elizabeth McGrath is represented by Sloan Fine Art, New York, New York.

Selected Exhibitions: 2009 – Shadowless Summer, Sloan Fine art, New York, New York; The Land of Retinal Delights, Laguna Beach Art Museum, Laguna Beach, California. 2008 – Tears of the Crocodile, IguaPop, Barcelona, Spain; Skin Deep, Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, Arizona. 2007 – The Incredible Disorder, Billy Shire Fine Arts Gallery, Culver City, California; Tug of War, Hemphill Gallery, Washington, DC. 2005 – Altarwise by Owl Light, Billy Shire Fine Arts Gallery, Culver, California.

Elizabeth McGrath - Cerberus


2010, mixed media

Elizabeth McGrath - Dik Dik

Dik Dik

2009, mixed media with Swarovski crystals, gold leaf and silver leaf, 24"×33"×9"

Elizabeth McGrath - Two Headed Weasel

Two Headed Weasel

(tattoo design: Morgan Slade)

2009, mixed media, 10"×10"×5"

Elizabeth McGrath - Frankie Machine

Frankie Machine

2000, wood, resin, metal, tar, 36"×64"

Elizabeth McGrath - Goldfinger


2010, mixed media

Elizabeth McGrath - Truth Decay

Truth Decay

2005, wood, resin, acrylic paint, 52"×72"

Elizabeth McGrath - The Weasels

The Weasels

2009, foam, resin, acrylic paint, 6"×18"×4"